July 22, 2010

And So I Watch You From Afar

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The band was formed in late 2005 and released their debut mini-album 'This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It' in early 2007. This was followed by a collaboration EP entitled 'Tonight The City Burns', released in October 2007, that featured vocals from the likes of Cahir O'Doherty of Fighting With Wire and Jetplane Landing. By the time they came to recording their debut full length album the band had toured the UK under their own steam as well as in support of bands like High On Fire, Crippled Black Phoenix, 65daysofstatic and Yourcodenameis:milo. They had also, by this time, been noticed and backed by music magazines and DJs such as BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens, who gave the band national airplay.

   1. Set Guitars to Kill
   2. A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes a Long Way
   3. Clench Fists, Grit Teeth... GO!
   4. I Capture Castles
   5. Start a Band
   6. Tip of the Hat, Punch in the Face
   7. If it Ain't Broke, Break it
   9. Don't Waste Time Doing Things You Hate
  10. The Voiceless
  11. Eat the City, Eat it Whole


Happy Songs For Happy People

Happy Songs for Happy People is the fourth full-length studio album by Mogwai. It represents a further evolution of Mogwai's toned down, more electronic sound. The songs on the album are subdued, with the only exceptions being the towering "Ratts of the Capital," and cacophonous closer "Stop Coming to My House". Synthesizers often take the main stage on this album, with strings and piano also making the occasional appearance.

   1. "Hunted by a Freak"
   2. "Moses? I Amn't"
   3. "Kids Will Be Skeletons"
   4. "Killing All the Flies"
   5. "Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep"
   6. "Ratts of the Capital"
   7. "Golden Porsche"
   8. "I Know You Are But What Am I?"
   9. "Stop Coming to My House"
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LITE (Studio Album)

Lite is a Japanese instrumental math rock band. The band was formed in 2003 by Nobuyuki Takeda (guitar), Kozo Kusumoto (guitar), Jun Izawa (bass) and Akinori Yamamoto (drums). After a series of demos, they released a self-titled mini album in 2005. After touring Japan for the first time they went to the studio to release their first full-length album, "Filmlets", in 2006. After gaining a wider audience with this release, the band went on a tour around UK and Ireland. The band won a reputation for being one of the most combustible live acts around. In November the band made a cover of Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" and was released as part of a Radiohead tribute album.



1. I Walk
2. Contemporary Disease
3. Human Gift
4. RE
5. Dead Leaf
6. On A Gloomy Evening
7. Parallel
8. Spiral Gate
9. Still, It Is Quiet Around Here
10. Recollection



Phantasia is an exciting success that isn’t narcissistically drawn into its own virtuosity, giving the ambiguous 'math-rock' more substance than before


July 6, 2010

Neon Bible

Neon Bible is the second album by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, released in March 2007 on Merge Records. Originally announced on December 16, 2006 through the band's website, the majority of the album was recorded in a church that the band bought and renovated.

Neon Bible was Arcade Fire's highest debuting album on the Billboard 200 at number two. Being released within a month of similarly successful releases by The Shins (Wincing the Night Away) and Modest Mouse (We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank), Neon Bible was cited as an example of the popularization of indie rock.

   1. "Black Mirror"
   2. "Keep the Car Running"
   3. "Neon Bible"
   4. "Intervention"
   5. "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations"
   6. "Ocean of Noise"
   7. "The Well and the Lighthouse"
   8. "(Antichrist Television Blues)"
   9. "Windowsill"
  10. "No Cars Go"
  11. "My Body Is a Cage"


The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes

Tracks listing :

   1. Put your dream to sleep
   2. Where were they
   3. Close to a cure
   4. Have you ever danced with the devil under the pale moonlight?
   5. If you can still hear this whispering , you are dying
   6. Every instance in time is a journey of hope



Track Listing:

01. Stargazer
02. Warm Cherry House
03. Mawar Khayalan
04. Wajah
05. Prindu

Produced by: Ajeep & Laila’s Lounge
Music by: Laila’s Lounge
Lyrics by: Hadi Jaafar

Art Direction / Design by: Faizal Reza



New from Akta Angkasa! Sounds like Mars Volta...Very Nice Music:P